Secret Superstar And Newton - The Common Factor
Wednesday 06 December 2017 12.15 IST
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There have been two recent releases Secret Superstar and Newton which have a common factor. Both these films are not huge hits or anything but have managed decent business but this business had little to with the content. This year there is going to around 250 releases and most of these are washouts and these two films would have joined the list on there content but got very lucky. Secret Superstar had one thing going for it and that is Aamir Khan and take him out and this film which opened to 4.77 crore nett would have been crawling in the lakhs and possibly under 25 lakhs nett. Then from there the film works in the five metros a little, like it has but where does it go.



Normally if the film was not an Aamir Khan Production then the role of Aamir Khan would have been done by some character actor and the weak emotions and plot of the film would have put in the category of a those 200 odd films which fail to hit 5 crore nett. Last year Shahrukh Khan boosted a poor film like Dear Zindagi in a similar way but not to the extent of Secret Superstar because with Alia Bhatt there in Dear Zindagi it would have done some business though the max you can give it is 30 crore and that is probably pushing it. Simply put, the reason why both these films have done over 60 crore nett business is because they are produced by Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan and as they are produced by these stars it is the only reason they are playing parts in these films. It would have little chance of happening for an outside producer.


Now coming to Newton, this film was looking at a 40-50 lakh first day on its morning collections until there came an announcement that this film is the Oscar entry from India. The collections of the film were boosted by a huge margin but without this announcement the film was going nowhere. This announcement made a 5-6 crore nett film into a 20 crore nett plus film. This nomination could have come for one of the other releases of the year but Newton was to be the lucky one. It could have gone two weeks before or two weeks after but luck was to be on its side and it happened on the day of release. 


The common factor between Newton and Secret Superstar is luck. On content both films are the put to sleep types but it shows how even bad content can put up some numbers if luck favours it. Though funnily in some quarters in the industry it is believed but Secret Superstar and Newton is good cinema but where would this so called good content be without Aamir Khan and a well timed Oscar announcement.




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