1920 Some Hope - Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz Face Struggle
Thursday 11 January 2018 13.15 IST
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This week will see the first major releases of 2018 with 1921, Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz. There were three releases last week like Haseena, Kabaddi and Udanchhoo but these were totally unknown films with no awareness.



But even with these films 1921, Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz its hard to expect anything good. 1921 may offer some hope as the previous two films 1920 (2008) and 1920 - Evil Returns (2012) did well at the box office but there was a downturn with third film 1920 London (2016) and the makers will be hoping the downturn does not continue but 1921 goes and does better than 1920 - Evil Returns.



There is still Tiger Zind Hai going strong at the box office and it could be that 1921 is the one that gives Tiger Zinda Hai a battle this weekend rather than the likes of Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz which are the more promoted films.





There is not much to say about Kaalakandi as its pretty much impossible to watch the trailer so its just scary what the turnout is going to be for the film tomorrow (Friday). The narrative of the film seems a disaster and basically this sort of cinema has no space in Hindi cinema but makers are not understanding this and it will be down to the audience to give the message again. 



Mukkabaaz also does not have much going for it apart from a very genuine and realistic feel of UP and the characters in the film seem somewhat interesting especially for the audience in UP and surrounding areas. But the film is from the director of films like Gangs Of Wasseypur, Bombay Velvet and Raman Raghav so the bet would be a story telling style which makes sure the audience gets bored. 



The director talks a good game but the audience always stays away. There will probably be media support which is the case for most of the directors fils and that can help a film like this a little which will open to very low numbers but eventually the audience will judge the film itself.



The director made a film called Gangs Of Wasseypur a few years back and the media went mad talking about how the film was appreciated which was far from the truth if a little bit of common sense applied and it was also reported that essays were being written on the film and that maybe true but is irrelevant as no one cares.



Normally when this sort of perception is fed you can get away with it but this time there was Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 to come which was to rubber stamp this so called appreciation but the opposite happened and the film actually opened lower than the first film and eventually did less business.



The story this week could be a few watchers for 1920 but maybe not enough to take it to success unless word of mouth is good while Kaalakandi and Mukkabaaz may have to do with a good media perception but very few watchers.





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