Controversy Factor - Padmaavat v Tiger Comparison
Saturday 03 February 2018 19.00 IST
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The controversy factor of Padmaavati can be seen in the figures below. these are numbers for cities which had a clear run and were little affected by protests and violence over the Fri - Thu period. There were issues in Gurgaon and Lucknow on day one (Thursday) but after it went clear.



The figures match or better the Tiger Zinda Hai numbers on Xmas week which pretty much tells how much hype was created as to match the Tiger Zinda Hai numbers on Xmas week is insane. This was simply impossible if the hype and controversy was not there. Actually when the trailer launched of Padmaavat  it would be unthinkable for it to match Tiger Zinda which had a holiday week. Maybe a case could be made for Mumbai but definitely not North. The smaller the the center goes then Tiger Zinda Hai starts to lead as the media hype works less in smaller places. Places like Jalandhar and Amritsar are A centers but smaller compared to the rest on the list and these are the only ones where Tiger Zinda Hai has a comfortable lead.


The film may have not released at many places but these is no doubt that the controversy has pushed this film to a different level especially in the centers below which had a clear run. Below are the Fri - Thu collections in some cities of Padmaavat and Tiger Zinda Hai and they are like for like from the same cinemas.



Mumbai City

Padmavati - 17.24 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 14.62 crore




Padmaavat - 8.93 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 8.50 crore



Delhi city

Padmaavat - 14.44 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 14.45 crore



Padmaavat - 4.00 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 3.88 crore



Padmaavat - 2.74 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 2.72 crore



Padmaavat - 3.52 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai - 3.38 crore



Padmaavat - 83 lakhs

Tiger Zinda Hai - 96 lakhs



Padmaavat - 67 lakhs

Tiger Zinda Hai - 76 lakhs


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