Padman Has Potential To Do Well
Thursday 08 February 2018 12.30 IST
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Padman should do well on the strength of the female audience and good solid week for box office collections. The film was supposed to release with Padmaavat on on Republic Day week but even accounting for a solo release on that week it is not as good as this week with Mahashivratri on Tuesday and Valentines Day on Wednesday.



The weekdays of the film will be strong with these two days but its about the content being good enough to benefit from the weekday business. Padman is a word of mouth growth film like recent Akshay Kumar films so the chances are there for the film to go strong on the weekdays. Toilet Ek Prem Katha could be called a straight HIT from the trailer but here its a more unusual theme which can be a plus and a minus.


The biggest plus for the film is the presence of Akshay Kumar and as the film is called Padman a note must be made of padding as well. In the industry padding is basically the various factors around the star which are there to get an opening and Akshay Kumar is the only big actor who in most films does not have this padding. So the number that comes on day one be it 9 or 10 or 11 crore or more is just him and no padding around the film. Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan starrers will have the genres or music and or top heroines while Aamir Khan knows his limitations and the padding is time and even with a content film he comes after years because if its 2-3 in a year like Akshay Kumar does then the interest is not the same and opening will be halved if not more. Its the same with the other 2-3 major stars there is always some padding and when its not there the films fall flat.



So its the same story here for Padman as far as the opening is concerned, the sort of film it is and without any padding it will not take a huge start. A solo Republic Day release would have been a different story but there the national holiday on day one would have been the padding and even then this type of film will not open to full houses. Here its about getting into double figures and then getting in that crucial Saturday and Sunday audience through good word of mouth.


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