Is South Bigger Than Hindi Industry After Robot and Bahubali?
Thursday 20 September 2018 11.30 IST
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Q. The biggest films Robot and Bahubali are now being made in the South so does that mean the South regional film industry is bigger than the national Hindi film industry?

M. Prasad


A. No the Hindi film industry is still by far the biggest film industry though it does churn out a lot of stuff which is not worthy to be shown in the theaters. This is the case with other industries also but to a lesser extent as one they make less films and secondly they have a more specific target audience be it from a state or region. The Hindi films have to try and cater to all regions and generally that way you end up catering to no one. Also films like Bahubali and Robot are the exception rather than the rule. The biggest films in terms of cost after Robot will be Thugs Of Hindustan and Zero and this is without adding the talent cost of the main leads of these films. Also if we look at the ten or even twenty biggest films made in India then at best only 20% will be non Hindi films.



Q. The director Anurag Kashyap generally has flops but he has stated many times before that his films always find a audience online so Manmarziyan may also film an audience online.?

R. Pandit


A. We dont know if this has been said or not but if it has then its a very good joke. Long time back when films used to fail then people involved in those films would always say they worked in Punjab or Bihar. This was because the collections in these circuits were not available and 90% of the business was Minimum Guarantee or Fixed Hire so nobody really knew what were the figures from the cinemas so you can say what you like. When a film fails in the theaters and television then it fails online as well. The bulk of the audience online is the same as the other formats and its from India or NRI, its not that someone from outer space is watching content on digital while the public is watching in cinemas and television.  This sort of stuff is either trying to fake it or if you genuinely think that then its about refusing to accept reality.



Q. Alia Bhatt got the credit for Raazi which was a super hit and now Shraddha Kapoor should be getting the credit for Stree as its also a super hit without a hero but it does not seem to happening so is it because the PR of Shraddha Kapoor is weaker.

Aahna Patel


A. Firstly the most credit for these type of long runners go to the directors and writers. Its not as the films have worked due to the stars when they can then take the credit. As for the heroines then it Shraddha Kapoor was not dominate in Stree like Alia Bhatt was in Raazi. Shraddha Kapoor probably takes the most credit from Stree as far as the actors are concerned but its not at the level of Alia Bhatt in Raazi. As for PR these things are easily done today and actor can do if they want.



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