Tamil Film Sarkar Hits Record In Tamil Nadu
Wednesday 07 November 2018 21.00 IST
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The Tamil film Sarkar has set a new benchmark for that industry as it grossed 21.75 crore nett in Tamil Nadu. This beat the 20.50 crore nett of the Rajnikant starrer Kabali but at that time in 2016 there was no tax for Tamil flms in Tamil Nadu. So if we take the gross of Sarkar which is 29 crore then it is far ahead of Kabali. The film film also managed around 14 crore nett from other parts of India. The apprx breakdown of the film is as follows.


Tamil Nadu - 21.75 crore


Kerala - 5.25 crore


Karanataka - 5 crore


Nizam / Andhra - 3 crore


Hindi Markets - 0.65 crore


TOTAL - 35.65 crore



The all INDIA collections are less than Kabali be it NETT or GROSS and Worldwide is also less as Sarkar opening day worldwide is 65 crore and Kabali was almost 90 crore. 




This film Sarkar set a benchmark for the Tamil film industry in its local market and Thugs Of Hindustan is expected to do the same. A bit of trivia linking opening numbers is that there were benchmarks for both industries in 1979. Not only that both films had similar looking numbers in week one in Chennai (then Madras). Only the first digit was different.



Trisoolam released on 28th January 1979 and set an opening day record for Tamil films collected 33,325 at Shanti, the main cinema of Madras for the film



Suhaag released on 16th November 1979 and set an opening day record for Hindi films and collected 53,325 at Devi Paradise, its main cinema in Madras,



The all India collections of Suhaag were 127% more than Trisoolam on their respective opening days. Now if we take the Sarkar figure in Tamil Nadu (as Trisoolam was only released in Tamil Nadu initially) of 21.75 crore nett and add 127% we get 49.37 crore nett.



If Thugs Of Hindostan comes out at 49 crore nett tomorrow it will mean similar growth in the Hindi market and Tamil Nadu over the last 39 years. In reality it will be just coincidence if it happens but the possibility is there for sure.



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