Can Bharat Beat The Opening of Avengers Endgame?
Thursday 09 May 2019 12.15 IST
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Q. Can Bharat beat the opening of Avengers Endgame and Thugs Of Hindostan to become the biggest opening day ever and also can it be the first film to get a 5000 screen release?

Ali M.


A. Avengers Endgame is probably a wrong comparison as that has a lot of business coming from South markets which Hindi films cant do. The target for Bharat will be to beat all the circuit figures outside South of Avengers Endgame especially Mumbai and Delhi / UP which should give it a number to challenge Thugs Of Hindostan.



But it will be difficult to do as one the trailer had no action and no villain which probably takes out 10-20% of the potential opening of a Salman starrer and secondly it will be the start of the India cricket world cup campaign on the day of release which could take a little out of the film. The cricket should not affect considering Bharat is one of the biggest Hindi releases of the year and lets hope we are not talking about that on the day of release but there is a diminishing craze for Hindi films compared to the past and every things seems to affect. It could reach 5000 screens but that is not an issue really as seen with Avengers Endgame. Its about building capacity and Bharat may have the same capacity as Endgame on 2800 screens with 5000 screens. Due to the 3D rates and not being able to push the Average Ticket Price at big multiplexes to the same rate as Endgame.




Q. The whole media and industry went crazy on Gully Boy but it was written on the website that the appreciation is not there. Now people like Kangana Ranuat are also saying its a bad film and obviously nepotism exists within the industry but is is also in the media who also support the industry directors. .

Ram Umare


A. See its not the first time that a film in the zone of Gully Boy has been called limited appreciation on the website despite some numbers coming and it wont be the last. India is a big country but you can get numbers from multiplexes of a handful of cities which have high priced ticket rates and this is limited appreciation as most of the nation has not liked it and it is reflected in very less footfalls for the box office gross and further disaster results post release be it television or digital. Average and bad films tend to get over rated by the medi in India. The list is probably longer than the blockbusters to come in the last 100 years.



Its hard to tell where the media come from. In India the media rated Gully Boy higher than Endgame and that pretty much says it all so there is some bias. As for actors comments thats all personal opinion and there could be many reasons why comments are made. 




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