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Thursday 19 March 2020 13.00 IST
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The box office is in limbo right now and it seems its going to remain that way for some time. The cinemas are supposed to open on 1st April but that looks an unlikely scenario at the moment and actually nobody really has an idea when everything will settle though its looks like its going to be months rather than weeks.



There will be nothing to update as far box office is concerned as there are no collections so the updates will basically be in the database of older films. This would have been done earlier but there is another website which has basically taken all the data from 1994 onward so the data was updated here. Its funny even some typos have been taken and put up. Now the data will be updated but randomly and not year by year due to this copying. So there could be films from 1986 or 1976 popping up even though 1993 or 1992 will not be complete.



The biggest interest is in the remaining films of the Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar and these filmographies will be updated. There will be Rewind stories of clashes of these stars which are not updated on the website and there are losing clashes as these guys were not the stars they are today in 1993 or before that.



The other major change will be that there will be another verdict classification which is SUPER BLOCKBUSTER. The ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS will be split into two categorys which will be All Time Blockbuster and Super Blockbuster. If we keep only the All Time Blockbuster classification then there will be around 60 films hitting his verdict in our 100 year plus history but when we split its come down to 15 odd films which is more realistic as these films are genuine historic BLOCKBUSTERS.



There was an idea to have a higher classification for than All Time Blockbuster for the big 15 odd films so the others can remain as All Tiem Blockbusters but nothing worked out and the Super Blockbuster works well with our system as there is also Super Hit verdict.  The verdicts only take India into account as in the 100 year plus history some films released in other markets and some did not and then there are markets like Russia and China which put results in a total different light when they are added.



The CLASSIFICATIONS going forward will be



All Time Blockbuster

Super Blockbuster


Super Hit


Semi Hit


Below Average





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