Wednesday 08 April 2020 13.30 IST
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The family which flopped over the last six months got just 70 lakh footfalls between them which is less than Baaghi 3 in just 11 days run and it has to remembered that Baaghi 3 also did not find acceptance which puts the huge rejection of this family of four into perspective. Some of these are also have a perception of a success driven by the people who made the film and then forwarded to the public via sections of the trade and media. But its not that easy to fool the public today, atleast most of the public as there will be small segment who may have actually liked these films and sowill be ready to believe in the success of the films.



These films were all made to create some social awareness of various issues and this is what is claimed by the makers anyway but in reality there are made for the digital revenue which allows the films to make some money even with low box office collections. So you know you are going to bore the public that somehow turns up but you are safe as mosts of the costs are recovered through digital and other revenue sources. that is basically the bottom line. When you actually make want to make a difference and a genuine socially relevent film the most important thing is that the film should at least reach an audience.



Here the only film that managed to in over 20 lakh people to the theatre was Chaapaak but this one could not cover costs through digital due and other revunue as costs were higher than they should have been. The footfalls of the four films range between 13-22 lakh which means no reach and on top these films dont have a life after theatrical though the lockdown can hep a little.Below are the GROSS numbers and footfalls of the four films. ATP is Average Ticket Price. 



Saand Ki Aankh

Gross - 27,65,00,000

Footfalls - 15,97,000

ATP - 173.13




Gross - 38,05,00,000

Footfalls - 21,37,000

ATP - 178.05




Gross - 26,39,00,000

Footfalls - 13,67,000

ATP - 193.05




Gross - 35,13,00,000

Footfalls - 19,50,000

ATP - 180.15



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