On This Day: Dil v Ghayal Clash
Monday 22 June 2020 14.00 IST
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This day thirty years back saw Dil and Ghayal release on the same day and both films proved to be BLOCKBUSTERS. It was one of the rare occasions that two films released together both emerged BLOCKBUSTERS.



Ghayal was the action film but it was Dil that took the lead at the box office from the first day and it remained that way for the first six months. The music of Dil was huge and it was a youth love story for the mass audience. The business of Dil was better than Ghayal by around 20% in all circuits by the end of 1990 except for CP Berar and the South circuits.



Ghayal started to catch Dil up in 1991 with strong repeat runs as Sunny Deol consolidated the action image. The business of Ghayal remained lower than Dil in Delhi / UP and East India but in other circuits it caught up and went ahead. It became the highest grossing film of 1990 in early 1992 as it collected almost 1 crore nett in a huge repeat run in Mumbai circuit.



In this repeat run the film collected more in the first week that the first week of the original run and that too when the first run itself had taken a big start. the second week in this run saw an insane 20% increase in collections as they released more prints. Ghayal is the only film to have such high collections in repeat run in any city in one week (not counting some old films released in colour). The film had the better occupancy than all films released in August, September, October and November in 1991 barring Saudagar and Phool Aur Kaante. The repeat run first week was even better than a big film like Lamhe (10.74 lakhs and 82%).



Dil and Ghayal were huge blockbusters with both films clocking up over 2.50 crore footfalls which is around 300 crore nett plus today in terms of business today. The biggest achievement of Ghayal was that it became an iconic film in time and not the iconic type which these critics try to make by talking as there will be many of those types which are hardly iconic. Ghayal had actual results post release as huge crowds turned up to watch repeat runs of the film whenever it was released.



The numbers for the first week in original run and repeat run in Mumbai city of Ghayal are as follows. The repeat run numbers were simply phenomenal.



Mumbai City city (Original Release - 22/06/1990)

Metro - 2,02,142 (HF)

Gaeity - 1,21,660 (HF)

Ganesh - 59,355 (HF)

Bijlee - 59,725 (HF)

Bahar - 1,01,327 (HF)

Topiwala - 85,177 (HF)

Sona - 84,410 (HF)

Akash - 49,784 (HF)

Diamond - 55,622 (HF)

Jai Ganesh - 77,916 (HF)

TOTAL - 8,97,118 (All Cinemas Housefull)



Mumbai city (Re - Release 27/09/91)

Minerva - 1,97,564 (HF)

Gaeity - 1,47,531 (HF)

Satyam - 1,50,134 (HF)

Anupam - 86,492 (HF)

Darpan - 87,424

Sona - 84,312 (HF)

Rupam - 1,04,628 (HF)

Basant - 1,13,926

Akash - 49,786 (HF)

Uday - 80,512 (HF)

TOTAL - 11,02,309 (8 out 11 cinemas HF, 99%)



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