Nepotism A Far Wider Issue Than The Industry
Wednesday 01 July 2020 12.30 IST
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The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has seen this nepotism thing propelled to the forefront by the media and the social media world. Its difficult to say why this happened and it could be due to the lockdown as there is no news around and people have nothing better to do. 



The weird thing is that nepotism is a pretty normal across the world and in all fields of work and business so it basically means a manufactured controversy for no reason. Nepotism may not be correct but its the way the world works as everyone who is in a position will push their own people and this is accepted by all as normal as everyone indulges in nepotism in some form or other when you have the resources. The problem is that no one comes out and says its normal.



The people talking about nepotism today will themselves indulge as they will want the best for their off springs. This could be a small shop in a village or a huge pharmaceutical company and if these are doing well then you will want your own to continue with them rather than selling up or letting others run it. Its called keeping it in the family as no one wants to let go of a good thing and that is irrespective if the off springs have the knowledge or talent to take the business forward.



Anybody coming into the film industry who wants to make a real mark will know that there is nepotism and know they will have to tackle it but they will also know that it exists in all other fields as well especially in India where the family still holds huge value. You could go for a job in a law firm but all it will take is a call from a family friend and the job will go elsewhere and maybe to some less deserving. This is the way of the world.



The difference in the industry is that there is the public to decide your fate so only people who are good will eventually succeed no matter who you are connected with. They can hang around in the industry and get roles and play secondary roles due to connections but if you are not good the public will not accept you. Of course this means other people who can do better will miss out but as mentioned this is the way the world works and if you are talented you will eventually get work according your talents.



The death of Sushant Rajput has given people a chance to push their agenda for their personal needs. in the past hey may even said negative things about the guy when he was alive but no its a different story and for the media it is like pimps and changes colour to suit their needs and agenda.



As for social media it was the industry which decided to be a part of of social media but its a virtual world and not real and anybody can say what they like which cant be said to that person face to face so when you decide to be a part of this world the you have to handle the negativity of it. If you are good at what you do then you dont really need social media as what you say can be misconstructed to mean something else and that means trouble. 



Nepotism is not a problem as its there in society and pretty much indulged by all but the problem for the film industry is that it has much more attention from the media and by people in general compared to industries. The best way to deal with is accept it as even in the future there will be people in strong positions giving their family and friends a big push which is a natural thing to do. But if society does not accept nepotism is there when it is then the film industry will also not accept it openly.



If this was racial or sexual discrimination then the film industry as an entity can set some rules and guidelines to try and eradicate it within the industry but with nepotism this can never work as nobody will stop pushing and helping their family and friends irrespective of capabilty. To eradicate nepotism the change has to come in the thinking of society as the industry is a very small part of society and if soceity is thinking in a different way then the industry will also. But nobody will even bother to take up this cause as its pretty much a no hoper.





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