Tenet Scores $50M Plus In International Markets
Monday 31 August 2020 14.30 IST
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Tenet far exceeded expectations with $50 million coming in International markets. The worldwide number is $53 million but that will include a $2 million plus number from Canada which is the domestic market. the film was expected to be around the $25-30 million but has come in double the expectations.



The top market is United Kingdom with $7.1 million and that market has not exceeded expectations by much as $5-6 million was expected.  It was expected that UK would be around 20% of the opening weekend in overseas but it has come in at around 13-14%. The performance in South Korea and Germany is also not much above expectations also. UK, South Korea and Germany have gone 25% above expectations while France which was expected at $4-4.50 million hit $6.7 million which is 50% above expected numbers.



The total from from United Kingdom, France, South Korea (inc. previews) and Germany is around $22 million and the rest of Overseas has contributed around $28 million which is great news as it means many markets has seen people return to cinemas in big numbers. The figures will start coming out over the week for many markets and it will be interesting to see how this $28 million is formed. The best day of the film would have been Saturday with collections in the $14m million range while Wednesday and Friday also saw numbers of $10 million plus not including Canada.



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