The Collections Which Well Tell The Huge Failure Of 83
Monday 17 January 2022 17.30 IST
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The cricket based film 83 was the biggest film of 2021 in terms of budget but the comparison of its third week numbers against the fourth week numbers of the dubbed Telugu film Pushpa - The Rise show its disaster failure. The only thing BIG about 83 is the budget and everything else has turned out to be small.



There are stories coming out the reason why Pushpa (Hindi) has done better is because it released one week earlier and therefore got in some business before more restrictions came into place but nothing can be further from the truth and this is just to undermine the huge success of Pushpa (Hindi) and dilute the huge failure of 83. At the end of the day Pushpa (hindi) has just clean bowled 83 and that is a FACT.



All was equal last week as in both films faced the same restrictions and the same Omicron threat. 83 (Hindi) was in week three while Pushpa (Hindi) was in week four and the result was that Pushpa (hindi) collected 2.5 times more. The simple fact is all films released from mid December have lost business due to the Omicron threat be it Pushpa (hindi), Spiderman - No Way Home and 83 but only one of these has seen a crash in collections and that is there for all to see.



Below are the box office numbers of Pushpa (Hindi) and 83 (Hindi) from last week and pretty much show the disaster fate of 83. Both films face the same issues with Covid19 scenario.



Pushpa (Hindi) - 12,46,00,000 (Week Four)


83 (Hindi) - 4,74,00,000 (Week Three)



Another number is a comparison of just the the fourth week Mumbai circuit figure of Pushpa (Hindi) against 83 all India number and here you can even bring the regional versions of 83 and add them and it is still lower tha Pushpa (Hindi).



Pushpa (Hindi) in week FOUR collected 6.11 crore nett just in Mumbai circuit while 83 in all formats and all languages across India collected just 4.85 crore nett in week THREE. Just one circuit of Pushpa in the Hindi version is smashing 83 across all formats and that too being a week ahead. 



The basic question here is why 83 in week THREE could not collect as much as Pushpa (Hindi) in week FOUR when playing alongside each other and the answer is very simple which is GOOD cinema v BAD cinema and again it takes no Einstein to figure out which is which. Word of mouth can still make a film work in a big way even in these conditions like it can be seen with Pushpa (Hindi) but when word of mouth is very poor like 83 then a crash in inevitable and that is what has happened.



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