Chup Does Decent First Day - Avatar Strong Re Release
Saturday 24 September 2022 12.00 IST
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Chup had a decent first day as it collected in the 2.75-3 crore nett range which may well have been its first weekend if it was not for cinema day. A film like this gets a huge boost with lower ticket rates as its difficult to get people out for this type of content without an incentive.



The film also got a good number of footfalls which can really help if word of mouth is good as word spreads faster when more people spread it. The problem is basically its based on the industry and on reviewers. This all maybe good within the industry and media circles but majority of public does not care or is even interested in these industry going ons which are also actually irrelevent for the industry as well in the bigger picture.



It remains to be seen what happens post cinema day but it will not be easy as the film has a limited audience. 



The Hollywood BLOCKBUSTER Avatar saw a re release on cinema day and did very well as it collected 1.85 crore nett which takes its lifetime business to around 105 crore nett. The film could have a nic little run as it saw more tickets sold at cinemas with normal rates than the other new films.



Dhokha - Round D Corner managed decent collections also witha round 1.15 crore nett and like Chup this may well have been the weekend without cinema day but the issues remains where it goes now.



It was not alll good news as a Nepali film Prem Geet 3 was also released and was actually promoted and had PR but this one failed to collect.



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