Unchaai Does Reasonably Well On Day One
Saturday 12 November 2022 12.45 IST
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Unchaai has done reasonably well on day one with collections in the 1.65-1.75 crore nett range. There have been films post pandemic doing these sort of numbers but the difference is those films have been released on 1000 screens or more and here it is not even 500 screens.



The film has managed to get decent occupancy wherever released due to the restricted release.  The film does not have any of the elements to get that first day audience to the theatres so if the film had managed 1 crore nett on a normal release it would have been par for the course. Here the number has gone way ahead and that too with just 25% of the shows it would have got with a normal release.



There has been no original Hindi film which has shown what can be said to be genuinely good growth post pandemic on a Saturday but maybe this film can break that myth. There was The Kashmir Files but that film had a different agenda attached to it. 



If this film can get that 60-70% growth on Saturday or more it will be a huge boost to the film industry and a sight for sore eyes. All said and done the industry has to be shifting from making films which fly out of the the traps from day one but due to the sensibilities of makers which are different from mass audiences it is easier said than done. The main reason for films dieing at the box office is most films pre pandemic worked from Saturday but post pandemic the Saturday has not been as kind as it was with films unable to show strong growth.



So if Unchaai can get that huge growth on Saturday it will show that films can still jump big on Saturday which will be a first post the pandemic in real terms for the film industry. There is a good chance of that big growth as the cinemas where it has been released on are the better ones which allows all circuits to grow equally well as the film is not released in cinemas which pick up less on Saturday.



The film itself has a lot of work to do because eventually the first day number is low but a big Saturday jump will give it a chance to succeed.



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