Animal Phenomena Continues In Nizam / Andhra - Crazy Hold On Day Five
Wednesday 06 November 2023 15.00 IST
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The Animal phenomena continued in Nizam / Andhra as overall collections remained rocke steady while the Hindi version in Nizam / Andhra actually showed a strong jump. The jump on Tuesday in Nizam / Andhra is not reflected in the collections as much as it should in the Hindi version as there was the regular fall in the Marathawada side of the circuit. The hold is crazy for this circuit especially with a regional version there.



The Hindi version collections just edged past the Telugu version and it should continue to do better from here till the end of the run. The film stands at a historic  52 crore nett in just five days and collections are rock steady even in Telugu at the moment but this can drop of in the second week depending on the competition from local films but it has already collected as much as Jawan did in Telugu.



The Hindi version will  for sure be the highest grosser in the circuit as it will beat the numbers of Jawan and Pathaan and if this pace keeps up it could beat by a margin and that is when Pathaan and Jawan beat the previous best by a margin. There was this dumb talk about how Telugu cinema would become the biggest in the country but talk means nothing and the fact today is Hindi films have slowly and silently upped their pie in this circuit and numbers always speak louder than words.



The fact that post Jawan and Animal the 100 crore nett becomes realistic is in itself huge as there will not be many local films which have hit this mark with genuine collections and not the crazy numbers that go around. The first time a film did 100 crore nett in Nizam / Andhra was Bahubali - The Beginning in 2015 and that film went to 150 crore plus. After that there will probably around 15 films to go over 100 crore and if Animal does the miracle it will join the list. The collections of Animal in Nizam Andhra are as follows.




Hindi - 6,09,00,000

Telugu - 8,55,00,000

TOTAL - 14,64,00,000



Hindi - 4,80,00,000

Telugu - 6,81,00,000

TOTAL - 11,61,00,000



Hindi - 5,52,00,000

Telugu - 7,08,00,000

TOTAL - 12,60,00,000



Hindi -  3,14,00,000

Telugu - 3,52,00,000

TOTAL - 6,66,00,000



Hindi - 3,29,00,000

Telugu - 3,10,00,000

TOTAL - 6,39,00,000



Hindi - 22,84,00,000

Telugu - 29,06,00,000


GRAND TOTAL - 51,90,00,000



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