The 2023 Blockbusters Push Expectations To Lofty Levels
Tuesday 06 February 2024 14.00
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The 500 crore BLOCKBUSTERS of 2023 pushed the box office to new levels in 2023 but have also now given a huge problem that bigger films now have far higher expectations. Films like Tiger 3, Dunki and Fighter have not hit the expectations but these collections would have been seen in a different light before 2023.



The record breaking numbers of 2023 has meant that now even if the above films got to 300 crore nett then still it would not have been seen as a good result by many as that would be far less than the biggies of 2023. Now the question is how can expectations be managed and its looks pretty impossible when films are front lined by the biggest stars. On top when you do the number crunching  of a film like Gadar 2 then you know that 500 crore is just the tip of the iceberg as pricing and right period with solo release will mean a 650-700 crore nett is very much possible and  it will be no surprise if some film comes and does it pushing expectations even higher.



When Bahubali - The Conclusion hit the 500 crore nett it was a different situation as that was an outstanding film and it was basically looked as a one off as very few are capable of making such cinema but the likes of Pathaan, Gadar 2, Jawan and Animal as films are not at the level of Bahubali 2 and also Bahubali 2 was standalone and now there are four of them which makes it look easier to do.



There is a lot of negativity around and the only thing that can stop this is box office results when they areload and clear and this with expectations of huge numbers make it hard. The negativity around is a lot and its the doing of the industry itself as it pays for positivity so what this leads to is many others wanting to be paid so they will shout louder so the dollars come to them. Its a vicious cycle and will only get bigger and bigger until the industry just lets go and says do what you like. The paid positively does not help anyway as its about the audience and the film.



Fighter has probably seen a negative bias and now the second main release of the year Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya is getting that even before release as last week the word went around there will be feeding / torn tickets (industry term - corporate booking) but logically it hardly makes much sense as the reasons are not there like the other films which had more at stake in terms of repuations to be upheld. 



Sometimes the industry has X expectations and the makers have Y expectations and when they dont match and because of what happened in 2023 the industry thinks that Y is going to be achieved by feeding as otherwise it cannot happen. Then this reaches the media which blows it up so its everywhere in the industry and then if the film actually does well it is always looked in doubt in some quarters.



The fillm industry needs films like Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya to work as its in that zone which the industry can make films and the need of the hour is more movies. There are not many who can make a Gadar 2 or KGF 2 which are raw films but this family rom com zone is something easier to make and if it can work its a huge plus for the industry but sadly it does get not seen that way and the negatives come out pre release when nothing have even happened.




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