Crew Has A Good First Day
Saturday 30 March 2024 12.30 IST
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Crew has done good business on the first day as it collected 9.50 crore nett and has generally done well all over. The numbers from mass circuits are a positive surprise as they are also good considering the zone of the film. Markets like Rajasthan and CI are just 35% less than Fighter and better than Rocky Aur Rani Prem Kahaani. The holiday and music has probably done the trick here on the first day.



The film has scored very good numbers in Delhi / UP and East Punjab and the latter is also a surprise as its a struggling circuit and for this film it has gone over 10% ratio which is  rarity today but was the norm pre pandemic. The Diljit Dosanjh factor could be in play but its also heavy in Gurgaon so also could be the female audience factor.



The numbers have come with a clash against Godzilla x Kong but that film is a less of a force in the Hindi circuits as it is down South where it is phenomenal and the weekend should see closer numbers between the films as South will see drops for Godzilla.



The collections have come on a holiday so fair value is lower maybe at around 7 crore nett so this means growth will be minimal if any. If growth somehow comes and it consolidates on Sunday then the film will be on its way but the target is probably to maintain the opening day collections on day two.



On a side note the box office research firm film had given this film a number of 4.1 crore when the teaser came out which was moved higher as the advances opened. This is 2.75 crore on a normal Friday and no research has to be done to know that is insanely low. Basically the actual number is coming out more than double and people in the industry are paying 1.5-2 lakh a month for a puke service like this pretty much illustrating there is no faith in ones own judgment.within teh industry or they actually believe there is some scientific method which is an even bigger joke.



There is no way to predict Hindi film box office in India due to insanely dividing states, cultures, languages across the country. The demographics are too wide but there are always people out there to fool others for money and the film industry is an easy touch due to the uncertainties in the business.  



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