Chandu Champion Has Dull Opening
Friday 14 June 2024 13.30 IST
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Chandu Champion saw a dull opening which is no surprise as the advances opened very early on Saturday at places and there was simply not much interest from the public. The advances of a film like this should not be opening so early and Wednesday or even Thursday is better due to the sort of content which offers little in the form of entertainmenta nd even devoid of music



If the film is to have any chance then its word of mouth so opening advances so early nomally means no response for a wom film.. The zone of the film is very similar to Maidaan but the difference is that Maidaan was a long delayed film while Chandu Champion is a fresher films and the former was started before the box office dynamics changed and that latter was started after the box office dynamics changed..



This film started post the cricket film 83 as its the same director and that 83 period was the first sign in the change of box office dynamics as at the same time Pushpa ran riot while 83 fell flat. There were excuses of the covid19 period as the industry and media went bonkers over 83 but Pushpa had no problems with covid19 so straight away the excuse was laughable.. 



Maybe if 83 was released before the pandemic it may have got better numbers as maybe the case with Chandu Champion but the problem today is that its now three years post the pandemic and that major shift in box office is demographics is clear yet Chandu Champion is one of the major films of the year. This is something the industry has to get its head around as otherwise these sort of openings will continue to come.



The film is dependent on the word of mouth but there is a limit to where that can take the film even by chance if its good. Yes there is a Munjya running riot from a 4 crore start but that is a small film with universal appeal and Chandu Champion is a medium / big film with niche appeal.



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