First European Then Hollywood And Now Finally Hindi
Thursday 09 March 2017 12.00 IST
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The last few weeks have seen different type of films with Rangoon being a European type film and then last week Commando 2 was a Hollywood rip off but this week will see a Hindi film with Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Despite it being the HINDI film industry you don't see many with makers influenced heavily by Europe, Hollywood and even Korea. It is ridiculous but that is what is happening. This does not mean that Badrinath Ki Dulhania is sure to work as the content has to be there. But what it does is gives a film a good chance as at least people are interested in this sort of cinema and even if its just decent the numbers will be there.



There is not much to say about Rangoon as almost is everything is wrong and its simply an alien film for India. Then last week was Commando 2 which was like one of those poor b grade actioner in Hollywood and even then the action there is better. The budget is not there to compete with even B grade Hollywood actioner and the only way Hindi action films work is emotion and story as this is the USP that Hindi action films have for the local audience but Commando 2 was lacking that and the box office result was poor. 


Badrinath Ki Dulhania does also have headwinds against it with mainly external ones. There is one internal one which is the main songs of the films are not original ones so despite good visuals as they are remix types that big song is missing. The external factors are Exams and Kong - Skull Island. If this film was released in June it would have done better for sure as summer is the best time for these youth films and being a earthy Indian youth film is a bonus. The market is a bit weaker early March especially up North.


Then there is competition with Kong - Skull Island, this film has not been promoted much is the case with most Warner Brother films but it will be surprise if Kong took a start. The South is already looking strong and remains to be seen where the rest of the country goes. Last year the Conjuring 2 from the same studio hit 60 crore nett plus without much promotion and in English too. Even some of the bigger Hindi films like Sultan and Dangal were similar and although most of the industry is not ready to believe but actors doing repeated interviews on television and online is really a waste of time as it does not really create the awareness that its done for and more importantly it does not convert and Kong - Skull Island is another film that can prove this especially if the content is there.

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