You Asked It - Can Race 3 Do 300 Crore Plus?
Thursday 24 May 2018 11.15 IST
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Q. You have said Alia Bhatt is number one but Deepika Padukaone just gave a 310 core nett film in the title role which is the biggest ever so surely  that is better than the 100 crore nett of Raazi?

D. Rawikar


A. Padmaavat is a far bigger budget film mounted on a huge canvas with a director who makes huge films but this time hit the bulls eye with an all India market. It might be the title role but the contribution is far less than the contribution of Alia Bhatt for Raazi. Also its not about these two films but the general picture of the last 3-4 years and that is where Alia Bhatt is ahead after Raazi. Padmaavat is not the biggest HIT for a female in a title role as there have been films like Pakeezah, Bobby and Ram Teri Ganga Maili which are bigger blockbusters than Padmaavat. Yes the highest grosser but that is inevitable comparing with older films.;

Q. Has the trailer of Race 3 done the job and can it do 300 crore plus?

S. Alvi


A. The trailer is very good and the first song is a hit which means a huge initial. The film is a 300 crore potential film but it will be a harder task this time for many reasons. Firstly the Eid holidays are over the weekend when it would have been better to have holidays on weekdays as the film will not get any holiday support on the weekdays which all the 300 crore nett plus films till date have got barring Bahubali - The Conclusion. Secondly its just a two week run till Sanju and if we look at the 300 crore nett plus films then all of them have had many open weeks barring Bajrangi Bhaijaan and this film is probably the best outright Hindi film made in the last ten years. The Christmas releases have clear runs for weeks and weeks till some major competition comes. If Race 3 had the release date of Tiger Zinda Hai then 300 crore nett would be a much easier task as its a clear run for 5-6 weeks. A film can only do what the release period it to do unless you are a Bahubali then all equations go out of the window. Thirdly its coming just six months after another Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai which was in a similar space to Race 3 and it would take crazy stardom to get two back to back 300 crore nett films in such short space of time (its actually unthinkable the way stars work today) as there could be a lesser neutral audience due to a similar genre film coming just six months back. The fans will come but to get the huge numbers you need the support of the neutral audience as well who come for the film and not star. 300 crore nett is on but its much tougher this time and would probably be a bigger achievement than the Xmas 300 crores and Sultan due to the limited window and how the holidays are working out.

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