Star Rankings Jan 2020 - Salman Khan And Akshay Kumar Lead
Thursday 06 February 2020 12.15 IST
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The decade ended with Salman Khan leading race as the biggest star in India and he pretty much dominated the decade but was at a low position in the first rankings which were in September 2010 with -267 points which was 500 points behind the top two Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan. Dabangg 3 came in September 2010 which put him on par with his contempariers and within a year he was miles ahead with Ready and Bodyguard and its been a one horse rance since 2011.



But there has been a change over the last two years as the gap that Salman Khan had after Tiger Zinda Hai was huge with nearly 2700 points and now the figure is just 1900 points and the better performers are a few years back. There will be a challenge from Akshay Kumar this year as he has bigger releases compared to the last few years and some of the lower openers of a few years back will go out of the system just as the bigger Salman Khan openers will go out of the system. Ranbir Kapoor can also have a say and even Tiger Shroff could be in the picture but with a firmly established image there should be more films from him.



Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan were the top stars at the start of the decade but Salman Khan upped the game with more releases and all opening better as well. They could not really compete with limited releases to someone who opened big ever year and sometimes twice a year. 



1. Salman Khan - 1894 points



2. Akshay Kumar - 895 points



3. Ranbir Kapoor - 891 points



4. Tiger Shroff - 652 points



5. Ranveer Singh - 623 points



6. Aamir Khan - 600 points



7. Hrithik Roshan - 528 points



8. Ajay Devgn - 301 points 



9. Shahrukh Khan - 135 points



10. Varun Dhawan - 36 points



NOTE - Above is purely by the initial box office performance and the criteria can be see here



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