Mirziya Fails Bigtime Where Rang De Basanti Survived
Thursday 13 October 2016 12.30 IST
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Mirzya released last Friday is probably the second biggest disaster in history as its recovery will be hardly anything. The film was reported to have fetched 15 crore for satellite rights but the buyers will lose almost all the of the investment. The real value recovery of the film will be around under 10 crore giving it losses of over 50 crore. Obviously no one could have expected the film to be such a huge disaster but as soon as the first promo hit you knew the film was heading for problems. The director Rakesh Omprakash Mehra last release Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was a good motion picture and the first half love story of the film worked very well and for Mirzya the expectation would be that type of story telling incorporating the folk tale of Mirza- Sahibaan which would have made a very audience friendly film. 



But here for Mirzya decided to go the Rang De Basanti way which had similar story telling style to Mirzya with flashbacks incorporated into the story.  The audience in India prefers the linear story telling style as the Mirziya / Rang De Basanti type confuses and irritates the viewers. Rang De Basanti did pretty well at the box office but only at some places and this was even though a star like Aamir Khan was in the film. It was helped tremendously by a clean run for a long time. Then further down the line and more importantly the film failed on television and here again even though Aamir was there who has a strong television market.


The signals were there from Rang De Basanti as it may be a rated film in the media as are so many others but what is important is that it did not really find the sort of appreciation it should have and a lot of it was to the film not being linear in terms of story telling. So when you just about get away with it with a star like Aamir Khan it would be a huge risk to repeat the same style with newcomers and that too at a higher cost. But it was done and the results are there to see with Mirzya. There are probably other faults in the film but for business to be so low this is the main one.

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