The New Trend Continues- Sequels To Flop Films
Thursday 17 November 2016 12.30 IST
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This film industry is full of surprises as can be seen with the present trend which is make sequels or series films of flop films. This is unlikely to a happen anywhere in the world apart from India. We had Rock On 2 last week and although there will be excuses of demonetization and all it was a pretty much irrelevant as the non appreciation Rock On!! (2008) had sealed its fate as it needed an initial and that was never going to happen and on top the cost was double. The film needed some special content just to overcome the negativity of the first film. Now we will see Force 2, Tum Bin 2 and Kahaani 2 . In box office terms a Kahaani (2012) was not a flop, it was actually a decent hit, even Tum Bin (2001) was fair but in the context of brand value they were flops because for this you need universal appreciation, good number of footfalls and repeated viewings on satellite which none of these films had. A hit can happen on correct budgeting but appreciation so that you can even think of making a next film is a different kettle of fish. 



The problems are further compounded as the makers actually think that they are sitting on a brand or franchise so they actually go ahead and make the film at double or more the cost of the first film which is just ridiculous and living outside reality. It is only when these films open on their respective Friday's that the reality check will come that there is no brand value or franchise and then it sinks in the that first films were not loved or even liked by the majority or at least not as the makers thought. They become stand alone films totally dependent on word of mouth but with much higher costs which are supposed to be covered by the brand value.


On top a film has to stay alive to maintain the brand value. Rock On and Kahaani were duds on television while Force was a little better but not good enough to have much recall value. Tum Bin released before the satellite invasion. At the end of the day a brand or franchise film is made because it has a following and stats say Rock On 2 did not have it and nor do Force, Tum Bin or Kahaani so an initial is unlikely to happen.


Basically all are so called brands and franchises but all are totally dependent on the word of mouth weekend audience when brands and franchises are supposed to give some lift otherwise no point in making them.


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