You Asked It - What Are Footfalls Of Tiger Zinda Hai
Thursday 11 January 2018 13.00 IST
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Q. I would like to bring you notice to this hit count which i saw when browsing tour website after a long time. It has Akshay Kumar on top which just cannot be right. This has to be done one the ratio of hits against films which will have Aamir Khan on top and not number of Hits when anyone can be on top.

A. Qureshi


A. The first point is that this is from 1994 onward and the database is not complete. Secondly ratios will never give a correct picture as that will not have Aamir Khan on top but Varun Dhawan on top. There is enough understanding of the how the industry works here to know that 25 plus HITS in a career is a sign of a very big star. You can do 300 films and still those 25 genuine HITS is a huge task unless the audience is with you. The ratio system will always work in favour for people doing less work, the ratios of actors working in five and ten years time will be much higher than the superstars of today as films will only be done for professional reasons and they will do fewer films but this will not mean that they are bigger stars than the likes of Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan or even Ajay Devgn. The database will be complete over the next 12-18 months and we will be very surprised if more than 5-6 actors have more than 25 hit films in a career and these will 5-6 will probably be the biggest stars in the 100 odd years of the Hindi film industry. Though this does not mean that some stars with less than 25 hits were not big stars.





Q. What will be the final footfalls of Tiger Zinda Hai and can they challenge Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Jiten Shah


A. They will be less than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and finish around the 3 crore mark give or take 5 lakhs.



Q. It is being reported that Padman had already booked 4000 screens before this Padmavati clash. Is this true?

M. Chahal


A. The Padman makers are not mad why would they book that many screens. Nobody can book 4000 screens three weeks before release. The screen count will be known in the week of release and Padman will take around 2000-2500 screens which is how much it should have.



Q. You have said that 2.0 is the biggest budget film ever made in India but how much is the budget?

Vijay Tyagi



A. 300-325 crore inclusive of everything.





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