You Asked It - Khan Disasters And Clashes
Thursday 22 March 2018 11.30 IST
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Q. Raid and Pad Man have done same business but which film had more potential?

M. Ahuja


A. Pad Man had more potential as its a concept film but the risk was also there due to the subject. If the film was entertaining and the subject accepted it could have done 50-60% more business but the core family audience across the A centers did not come. The business was better in places like Mumbai and Bangalore which are more urban centers. Raid is the more regular film where there is little chance of some one not watching it due to the subject. Eventually it will go higher than Pad Man as the A centers from Lucknow, Jaipur to Bhopal and others are much better. Mumbai and Bangalore may be less than Pad Man in week one but they should end up at a similar level.



Q. Can you list the biggest disaster of the Khans and Akshay Kumar because there are many of them and its always about the blockbusters and not the disasters which make for a more interesting read as some were the biggest disasters ever. Also the clashes they lost

P. Salvi


A. These will be generally in the a long time back in the 90's before these actors were big box office draws. Shahrukh Khan does not have many huge disasters as he became a box office force very early in his career but others do have due to bad films in their career early and the box office clout in terms of initial coming in the middle of their respective careers. Once the database hits 88-89 then maybe some articles can be done especially on the clashes side as todays big guns were taken out by the sort of names which would be unbelievable and sometimes with major releases.



Q. Does screen count really matter as many films with lower screen count collect more money?

Raj Barsar


A. Screen count matters if you are collecting well. If the audience is not there then you can release on 10000 screens it does not mean you are going to get more people in. As for numbers its about building potential capacity and not screens. 1000 screens can have the potential to collect 10 crore and 15 crore so its better to have latter.



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