Radhe Shyam And Acharya Compete With 83 In Terms Of Losses
Thursday 12 May 2022 11.15 IST
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The Hindi film industry is going through bad times but things are not better down South as the biggest film industry down there sees two films which suffer even bigger losses than 83. Radhe Shyam and Acharya are from the Telugu film industry and are looking at losses to the the tune of 100 crore which is more than 83.



Acharya will suffer losses of around 100 crore as the film cost around 250 crore which includes production, talent, pa and interest costs and will cover around 150 crore revenue from all sources with the 70 crore from digital being the highest earner as the worldwide share is only around 50 crore.. 



The bilingual Radhe Shyam cost a huge 275 crore which includes production, talent (not Prabhas), pa and interest costs. Basically as the main lead Prabhas took Nizam / Andhra rights for remuneration the film was saved a little but there is a 50 crore shortfall here as he would have expected 100 crore but it turned out be just 50 crore odd and even less if you take out the distributor commission.



The film managed to get 175 crore non theatrical revenue (digital, satellite, etc) for its multiple language formats and there was a 25 crore apprx distributor share worldwide not including Nizam / Andhra which makes it a  200 crore recovery against 275 crore cost. But here there is an extra 50 crore shortfall for the hero also due to the disaster box office result. Even if we forget this and put the hero aside there is a huge 75 crore loss for the makers.



The Tamil industry is no better as all the major releases there have not lived up to expectations and no big film has even hit 100 crore nett mark post the pandemic though a couple of smaller films have done well. The Hindi film industry is suffering at the moment due to the content not being cinematic and more for home viewing but this is not a problem down South as the films are larger than life but its only RRR and KGF 2 out of the major releases which have done well in South. Pushpa managed to become a big HIT but that was due to the performance in Hindi. 



The success of KGF 2 and RRR also does not change things much for the South dubbed films in Hindi as most will bite the dust and they are getting the message in the South as Bheemla Nayak, Acharya and now Sarkaru Vaari Paata do not get a Hindi release when three months back they were set for a dubbed release. Although as usual there will be many reasons given the main fact these films would have done 2-3 crore nett mark in Hindi so it is pretty much no pont to dub.



The struggles of Hindi cinema are well implemented but despite KGF2 and RRR its also not a rosy picture in the South as huge films like Acharya and Radhe Shyam suffer huge losses and many other star driven films also put distributors in the red.



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