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Thursday 28 June 2018 11.30 IST
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The most repeated question in our mail box is about why collections are different on this website and inflated collections and generally the mailers are pushed to here. Now the question is why are Race 3 collections are not everywhere in media like other films so with this Race 3 scenario its a good time to tell how the system works in the media. The first point is no one is paid to inflate or deflate collections. There have been times when this site may have had collections a little higher than the actual and the accusations are fast to come that you have been paid and a few times a rate has been even put at one lakh for every lakh given higher. This is actually too good to be true and can only wish it happens but sadly it simply does not happen. There are paid packages to support films prior to release and for reviews but not for just inflating box office collections. Even here any studio of real repute does not go this way as its all pointless.



Basically if we go back around 12-13 years this website was called an ill informed source by a writer who used to give reviews and collections for a gossip website. Now his job was to give the information you want and the industry and audience will decide who was ill informed or not but these remarks came a many times when actually the ill informed source was this guy himself as he was getting inflated figures. At the time this website hardly had any reach but still the attempt was there to malign for no reason whatsoever. In time the guy made a laughing stock of him self within the industry by reporting 50 crore or even 75 crore higher for some films. Now its pretty easy to name this joker but as he did not directly say BoxOfficeIndia and said ill informed source so its correct for us to also not use the name but give a name for writing purposes. The guy was a clown for us in those days and no doubt has remained one of over the years so that is the name we will use.



The clown is the main guy used to spread the box office figures by the film industry. He is not the only guy but the main guy and is basically the industry is most confident that is guy is sure to copy and paste. But the problem becomes reviews and we had noted that when we were staring out with films like Chak De India and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi when the box office was attempted to be downplayed to match the reviews. 



Now coming back to Race 3, it was business as usual for the first few days with the producers doing what is done with almost every other film and giving collections a little higher and the clown was also as normal. But then on Tuesday the problems started as the film did not crash out so the clown basically told the makers that the collections being given are far higher than what Rentrak is showing. This must have come as a shock to the makers as there is no Rentrak (Comscore now) in India. If there was we would be having of not just Race 3 but a real chart of the 10-12 other films released on Eid all over the country in different languages and the holdover releases across the country. For the uninitiated, Comscore does not collect for films but from theatres so the collections of all films will be available playing on that theaters. It means the clown saw the the producers figures on rentrak for the first few days but then on Tuesday the figures were different and the producers numbers were higher which is an act of a true clown.



The problem was obviously that the clown must have given a very bad review for the film and saw if he keeps on giving the producer numbers then they will take the numbers to a high level which is not in line with the review. Now if the review was positive then it would have been a different matter as the previous highly inflated films are probably the ones where the reviews are positive and Race 3 was inflated much less than some of those other films, where inflated numbers were given out with pride as actuals.



Going by past history, the clown will be back to normal daily inflation reporting with other films as long as you dont try and take a poorly reviewed film to a huge number. Its a sad scenario when these types actually think box office should go by their review and then try to downplay or boost box office accordingly in this day and age.



Basically the problem with Race 3 was the makers may have shown it as a 200 crore film and this time it did not suit the media though its been done. A film was even take to over 300 crore using whole numbers every day but that suited the media so its done. So its basically a case of pick and choose.



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