Chhapaak v Thappad - Thappad Very Lucky To Get Close To Chhapaak
Wednesday 18 March 2020 13.00 IST
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Chhapaak and Thappad belong to the same family as well as other films like Panga and Saand Ki Aankh and Chhapaak and Thappad have managed to get the highest numbers in this family. But the all India numbers dont tell the whole story. .  



Basically Thappad is finishing close to Chhapaak but that is because Thappad has done 2 crore nett more in Mumbai circuit than Chhapaak while most mother circuits have healthy leads for Chhapaak. The reason why Thappad is ahead in Mumbai is because Chhapaak clashed with Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior which is among the top three films in Mumbai circuit since 2000. The collections are close in CI as Thappad was state tax free on release.



Chhappak however bad the film was is one up on Thappad and the only reason the final figures will have only a 1.50 crore nett gap in favour of Chhapaak is because of the clash with Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior. If no clash with Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior then the lead would be 6-7 crore nett which would show Thappad its rightful place in this family. Chhapaak would have done 12-13 crore nett in Mumbai if it did not clash going by other circuit numbers. Again despite the media propaganda of Thappad it has to be said again that the public never goes WRONG. Chhapaak is a very bad film and Thappad is one level lower and this the public verdict. The all India comparison for between Chhapaak and Thappad for two weeks is as follows.




Chhapaak - 8,64,00,000

Thappad - 10,63,00,000 


Delhi / UP

Chhapaak - 7,01,50,000

Thappad - 6,27,00,000 


East Punjab

Chhapaak - 2,99,00,000

Thappad - 2,50,00,000 



Chhapaak - 1,10,00,000

Thappad - 1,00,00,000 


CP Berar

Chhapaak - 1,50,00,000

Thappad - 82,00,000 



Chhapaak - 81,00,000

Thappad - 85,00,000 


Nizam / Andhra 

Chhapaak - 1,41,00,000

Thappad - 1,00,00,000 



Chhapaak - 2,32,00,000

Thappad - 2,40,00,000 


Tamil Nadu / Kerala

Chhapaak - 71,00,000

Thappad - 40,00,000 


West Bengal 

Chhapaak - 3,24,00,000

Thappad - 2,12,00,000 



Chhapaak - 84,00,000

Thappad - 54,00,000 



Chhapaak - 91,00,000

Thappad - 33,00,000 



Chhapaak - 40,00,000

Thappad - 41,00,000 




Chhapaak - 31,97,00,000

Thappad - 29,27,00,000 




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