Article 370 And Crakk First Day Business
Saturday 24 February 2024 12.15 IST
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Article 370 did very well on day one as it collected 5.25-5.50 crore nett though collections slowed in the evening and night shows as capacity restrictions at the bigger multiplexes came into play due to the discounted rates. The film was pretty much full in advance at these big multiplexes so collections hardly moved in the evening and night shows.



This is will not be there on Saturday so it can push forward even though the admits may well only be 50-60% of day one. Overall its a good opening day number and the film should do well at bigger multiplexes. Its not a film like The Kashmir Files or The Kerala Story which has wider support but it should do good business in the bigger centres and that will be more than enough.



Crakk also did well on day one as it collected around 4 crore nett. This film got benefit of Article 370 being full in the evening at the bigger multiplexes as it had spare capacity and made use of it with the lower rates. The number is probably not good enough for this type of film which will be more front loaded as collections are better in the mass centres compared to Article 370.



The film has a heavy budget especially for the face value of the film and is likely to find it tough going as due as basically it needed a higher number than Article 370 be it on discounted rates or not as you cant rely on trending for a film in this zone.  



Both films have punched a little higher than they should due to the discounted rates but if Article 370 runs and works at the box office then it will not really be that beneficial as a lot of audience has got to watch the film at a discounted rate when they may have paid the full rate later. No doubt if the films dont work then these discounted rates would have beneficial as they get an audience in that may not otherwise come.





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