The Stardom Race - Nine Male Stars Today
Thursday 24 August 2017 11.30 IST
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A few weeks back the position of young actors was shown going the business of the their respective films over the last five years. Below is the same for for all the stars. There are nine stars at present in Hindi cinema who have some sort of position obviously some will be in a better position than others. Below are the averages of the last five years for all the stars today.


Aamir Khan - 1064 crore / 4 films -  Avg 266 crore

Salman Khan - 1581 crore / 8 films - Avg 197.63 crore

Shahrukh Khan - 903 crore / 6 films - Avg 150.50 crore

Hrithik Roshan - 577 / 5 films - Avg 115.40 crore

Ranbir Kapoor - 591 crore / 7 films - Avg 84.43 crore

Akshay Kumar - 1587 crore / 19 films - Avg 83.53 crore

Varun Dhawan - 665 crore / 8 films - Avg 83.13 crore

Ranveer Singh - 563 crore / 7 films - Avg 80.43 crore

Ajay Devgn - 654 crore / 9 films - Avg 72.67 crore



The problem here is that the averages dont work as one of the actors has far more volume than the others. Where the young actors were concerned it was all on a similar volume give or take a couple of films. So here the figures have been adjusted as the averages simply wont remain the same if all actors were doing 19 films. Even the films doing 200 or 300 crore wont be doing that if the volume is around 4 films per year. What happens here is that the number of films of each actor are divided by the number of films of the highest volume actor and added to their total of films and then divided by the total gross. So for example the figure for Salman Khan is 19 (highest number of films Akshay Kumar) divided by 8 films equals 2.375 which is added to 8 to get 10.375 which is then divided by the total (1581 crore) to get 152.38 crore.


The averages that come out are below and gives a better picture and it is for five years but it would work even better for three years and give a better picture but Aamir Khan has practically no volume with just one film in the period so will have to wait for Thugs Of Hindustan to get that three year picture.


1. Salman Khan - 152.38 crore

2. Aamir Khan - 121.60 crore

3. Shahrukh Khan - 98.59 crore

4. Akshay Kumar  83.52 crore

5. Hrithik Roshan - 71.41 crore

6. Varun Dhawan - 64.10 crore

7. Ranbir Kapoor - 60.87 crore

8. Ajay Devgn - 58.87 crore

9. Ranveer Singh - 57.98 crore


Without getting into exact details a three year chart will show that Akshay Kumar is right up there with Salman Khan but until Aamir Khan does not have that second release the figures cant be compiled. It is Hrithik Roshan in most trouble after Mohenjo Daro and Kaabil as the numbers are not there and nor is the volume. The next film will be crucial and it will have to a big one especially its not as if he has a line of films.


Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hold their positions well despite the failures of Tubelight and Jab Harry Met Sejal respectively as there is no real threat from the younger actors. Ranbir Kapoor also takes a hit after Jagga Jasoos but after his disastrous run of bad films it is a result to be in among the top guys.


Ranveer Singh is probably the weakest of the lot as there is an even bigger problem there as he is yet to be accepted in a contemporary role which is a must for every young actor. The three successes have all seen characters from the past be it Gunday, Ram Leela or Bajirao Mastani, basically all period films. The films where he is played a character in the present have all failed. So the numbers just about put him into the star league but he will have to succeed outside period films to have real acceptance as how long can you keep on doing period films.



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