You Asked It - Why Are China Collections Not Added To Worldwide Collections
Thursday 01 March 2018 12.15 IST
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Q. Every other major website and trade person adds dubbed China collections to worldwide total but not boxofficeindia which is wrong as it should go in Wordwide even if its dubbed and so should Tamil and Telugu collections be added to India totals. When will BOI give the whole worldwide collections as Dangal is 2200 crore not 702 crore.

S. Mehra


A. Every other website also has higher collections sometimes even 50 crore more. Just because everyone does it does it mean its correct. First the Tamil and Telugu collections are not added but its for every film. Its the same for Bahubali - The Conclusion also, otherwise this film should also have the Tamil and Telugu collections added but the media knows if they do for this then it will never be broken so you have one rule for one film and another rule for other films. 2.0 is doing 400 crore nett the way media reports on a worse case scenario and this film is bilingual with some characters speaking Tamil and others Hindi but here the media will not be reported in full and only Hindi collections taken. The difference with BoxOfficeIndia is that its one rule for every film not as per demand of time. The collections you see on the website are like for like so the comparisons make sense and are valid.  Going forward this trend of bilinguals will become more prevalent as the need is for bigger films and bilinguals can be made with higher production values but there is a system here since inception ob website and that will be kept same.


Now coming to China its actually not dubbed but partly dubbed, partly subtitled and partly voice overs but basically its not the same film as in India and changed to suit the Far East markets. It is two different films. This market is basically like Russia pre 1992 and this is one of the reasons that the database is stuck at 1993 as the Russia collections come into play and as we go into the early 90's, 80's and 70's, there are some films which are far bigger in Russia than Dangal is in China. Also just like China these films were not watched by an Indian origin crowd but the local crowd. Again like China, the films were not the same as they were for India but adjusted for the Russian markets. But what happens when these numbers get added is that it changes history as per what the general Indian audience knows. So the worldwide greats are not Mughal E Azam, Sholay, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or Gadar as Hindi film watchers across the world believe because these either flopped in Russia or did not release there but other films which were not blockbusters in India and some of these were not even HIT in India. When these Far East or Russian collections are added its like having 1 cr red apples and 1 cr green apples and then adding up saying i have 2 cr red apples when in reality its 1 cr red ones and 1 cr green ones.



Now these Russia and China collections will not be added and collections reported in the same way as they are at the present time. Simply put he likes Disco Dancer, Dance Dance, Secret Superstar, Dangal and many others are not legendary greats but with Russia or China they become bigger than the legendary films especially Disco Dancer.



But the business of these films across all markets is noted and by the end of the year when the database has another 10-12 years added, there will be another seperate section where these Russian and Far East collections and Tamil Telugu can be seen so a film has a total with all its versions added. But main section will always be like for like and will not add red and green apples and then say there are all red apples. This will be understood more when the figures are updated and people can make own conclusions to which way gives more accurate picture.

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