You Asked It - Is Web Series Sacred Games A Huge Blockbuster?
Thursday 19 July 2018 11.30 IST
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Q. There is huge hype about the first big Indian web series Sacred Games and thats its a huge blockbuster on the digitial platform. Is this true?

C. Gharvi


A. The platform that this series being aired on is a subscription growth business model so really there are no results in forms of numbers and its not as if that this series will lead to a huge number of subscribers. In India its pretty slow as it anyways with growth far less than the digital giants like Amazon and Netflix expected considering the possible consumption available in India. But what is certain that this blockbuster or good thing is hogwash and media perception. The directors of this series have just made films like Mukkabaaz and Bhavesh Joshi. The first is a disaster in theatres and television while the second is a disaster in the theaters and will be a disaster on television and this is the case with all the films with these guys. So now to put the word BLOCKBUSTER with people who are renowned for DISASTERS can only happen in India. The platform may have changed but the audience is still the same audience so its impossible to fathom such a huge turnaround in results. Its just here the numbers are not there so media can say what they like. From the trailer it looked very bad and considering the track record of the makers its not hard to guess that appreciation will only come from the media and not the audience. 



Q. Who was the biggest challenger to Shahrukh Khan stardom in the 2000s decade? Aamir Khan or Salman Khan

Salim B.


A. Hrithik Roshan.



Q. India has a huge divide between the audiences and critics which is not there in other countries so is this because the Indian mass audience is like paanwale, drivers and others from the lower strata of society which like mass films?

B. Kumar



A. There is a misconception that the box office is driven by the lower strata of society. It is driven by the middle class family audience and always was even in the single screen era.  A film will only do big numbers if the middle class family audiences come. When we write mass it does not mean lower strata but mass in larger numbers while niche is the limited side. A real HIT film is watched by around 1 crore people and 80-85% of this will be middle class.




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