Sooryavanshi Release Date Decision Imminent
Friday 05 March 2021 14.30 IST
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The release date decision of Sooryavanshi is imminent now and is likely to happen sometime next week. It is a much awaited film as its the one which is expected to bring back a larger audience to the theatres across the circuits where Hindi films dominate.



Sooryavanshi has had a roller coaster ride this year as the film did not look like meeting its Holi / Easter date in early January but then the occupancy rise to 100% changed that in late January. Then most of February was spent with the makers and exhibitors unable to come to an agreement. This was sorted at the end of the month as makers agreed to most of the terms of the exhibitors.



But just as terms were settled verbally then the rise in covid19 cases in Maharashtra has put its release in doubt. There are many restrictions in some cities of Maharashtra with a big city like Pune on night curfew till March 14th. Mumbai city is fine at the moment in terms of restrictions but it is not known what will happen in the near future.



There were also rumours in the market last week that a film like Roohi due for release in a week may get pushed but that can probably get away a with it but for Sooryavanshi it will be Maharashtra leading the way which is the case for most Rohit Shetty films. Maharashtra will contribute a near 40% ratio for the film rather than the 28% normal average which means the film cannot afford Maharashtra cities to be heavily restricted in the state.



In January when the 50% occupancy restrictions were lifted it was hoped that by April most of the states would be allowing 100% occupancy including Maharashtra. Now this looks impossible and in all likelihood if Sooryavanshi releases in April it will be with Maharashtra theatres screening it with 50% occupancy.  Maybe with just this the makers may have taken a chance but now there is fear of further restrictions in cities of Maharashtra which does put the release of the film in doubt in April.



At present its a 50-50 call for an April release and a drop in cases in Maharashtra over the next few days could swing it in a favour of an April release. According the grapevine the decision will me made in the next few days and if it is to be an Easter release then the announcement will come next week with the trailer to follow. If the film gets pushed which will be likely to be June and the date of 1983 then there could also be confirmation or the studio may just wait to announce.



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