Sooryavanshi Final Circuit Figures And Verdicts
Thursday 13 January 2022 13.45 IST
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Sooryavanshi emerged the only HIT film of 2021 from the Hindi film industry thanks to extraordinary business Gujarat / Saurashtra which led to excellent business in Mumbai circuit. The film would not have been a HIT if it released in 2019 and did this much business only but things have changed since then.



If it released in 2019 and did 195 crore nett only then it would have basically been in the same category as the Salman Khan starrer Bharat but in 2019 you would assume it would have done more. Also if released in 2019 it would have had the same budget as Bharat also but the delay meant the budget going higher.



The difference in 2021 was that the films were less reliant on box office recovery due to higher recovery from digital and a shortened window for theatrical which will have to go back to normal in time for the bigger films for better box office results. Sooryavanshi had a huge recovery of 175 crore from satellite, digital and music and this would have been much less in 2019.  The worldwide theatrical recovery was around 120 crore.



The performance of the film was lacklustre in some circuits in the country, at some places it was because cinemas had just started to getting going (Bihar) and at other places it was due to less appreciation (Delhi, Punjab).



The worst performance was East Punjab but here it would have been better in Haryana cities but these were under restrictions when the film opened. It was Gujarat / Saurashtra which actually made the film a HIT and that was why a Diwali release was so important for this film as a Rohit Shetty film to fail on Diwali in Gujarat / Saurashtra is pretty much unthinkable. Below are the final figures of Sooryavanshi and verdicts of each circuit.



 Mumbai - 85,83,00,000 (Super Hit)


Delhi / UP - 32,78,50,000 (Average)


East Punjab - 10,21,00,000 (Below Average)


Rajasthan - 10,95,00,000 (Hit)


CP Berar - 11,79,00,000 (Hit)


CI - 6,49,00,000 (Semi Hit)


Nizam / Andhra - 9,78,00,000 (Hit)


Mysore - 6,96,50,000 (Hit)


Tamil Nadu / Kerala - 1,71,00,000 (Average)


West Bengal - 8,10,00,000 (Hit)


Bihar -  5,56,00,000 (Semi Hit)


Assam - 2,24,00,000 (Semi Hit)


Odisha - 3,06,00,000 (Hit)


All India - 1,95,47,00,000 (Hit)



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